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Q) Why should I choose powder coating over liquid paint?

A)   Well for the extra durability, low cost, It's ECO friendly properties and the ability to choose the perfect finish and or texture. Powder coatings are stronger and much more wear resistant than liquid paint. Properly powder coated, the appearance and colors in the finish will last much longer against corrosion, wear, rust and UV sunlight. Powders also come in such a broad range of finishes and textures that you could not come close to copying them with traditional liquid paint products. People are often surprised at how affordable powder coating really is. 

Q) What can be powder coated?

A)   The most common items are, of course, metals. Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, cast steel, galvanized etc. anyting that can handle 400 degrees F for 20-30 mins can be done and remember, we can't powder coat something that has plastic pieces mounted to it that will not come off, the plastic will melt. 

​Q) How much would it cost to powder coat my items?

A)   The price is affected mainly by size, shape and weight or thickness of the items. The second thing to consider is the type of finish and color of the powder coating. ex: A simple Black is going to be cheaper than Sparkle Apple Green. Now Sand blasting is always included in our price and gives the charged powder the perfect surface to adhere to. Some projects or items may need extras, like primers and clear top coats generally add about 30 - 50% to a job, and are worth it if you want an extra layer of protection.

Q) Are all the colors the same price?

A)   No, some colors are more expensive due to their availability, ingredients, or simply because of the supplier and there application process. Stock colors are naturally less expensive than powder that must be special-ordered or powders that are hard to locate. Some powders are more expensive simply because of their properties, such as textured powders, candies, metallic, and 2-3 coat processes.

Q) How many colors are there?

A)   Over 6,500 different colors and textures are currently available. Virtually any variation of color on the spectrum can be found in a powder form. Keep in mind, however, that not all brands of powder are alike. If you already have a color in mind, bring it in so that we can match it as closely as we can. Chances are we'll have more than one option for you to choose from.

Q) Can you "mask off" areas that can't be coated?

A)   Yes. We use a high quality, high temperature tape that is designed for powder coating for masking raised lettering or designs. We mask all mating surfaces, threads or machined surfaces at no extra charge to ensure a stress free re-installation of your items.  

Q) Are there high temperature powders for my exhaust manifolds, headers and turbo components?

 A)   Yes a different process called Ceramic coating. For these types of extreme temperature parts we use a fail proof Ceramic Coating which can with stand temps up to 2,000 degrees. Car/Motorcycle exhaust manifolds, headers and turbo components can run 500 to 1,000 degrees, which high temp powders will not hold up to over time.

Q) Can Plastic Pieces Be Powder Coated?

​A)   Since plastic is non conductive and rarely can withstand 400 degrees, plastic is not suited for powder coating. Upon request All Pro Customs will coat a small 4x4 piece of tin and send it along with your order. You will be able to take the coated tin into any paint store that offers computer color matching for an exact paint match to the color of powder. 

Q) What If I Do Not Live Close Enough To Drop Off The Parts?

A)   We take great care in the packaging and shipping of your parts. We recommend using FedEx, UPS or USPS when shipping your parts to be coated. We have a FedEx account which provides us with very reasonable shipping rates and we will gladly pass our savings over to the customer.

Q) How Are Parts Prepped For Powder Coating?

A)  Depending on the condition the part is received, it will first need to be stripped of all paint and coatings down to the bare metal. We will degrease the items before running them through our sand blasters. If the part arrives already powder coated, we will need to chemically strip the coating before it can be sandblasted. The reason for this is because powder coat is so tough that sandblasting will not remove it. We will then outgas the parts to release any gas pockets in the metal. Then the part will be cleaned one last time before being coated and cured.

Q) What is your normal turnaround time?

​A)   Normally, We get parts turned around and shipped 2-4 days after receiving them, but we are only able to guarantee a 1-2 week turnaround, because we do everything on a first in - first out basis. Larger jobs, like multiple sets of rims, will probably be 2 weeks max. 

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